Company Services

Idea2Soft Labs

provides all the R&D services and integrations:

Software development, hardware development, prototypes, accompaniment of entrepreneurs and inventors, transfer from development to production, project management, product optimization, standardization support and production services.

We are a preferred technology partner among leading companies because of our capabilities:

• Reduce research and development costs

• Meet and even shorten timetables

• Conduct R&D as part of a long-term vision

• To bridge and connect development and marketing objectives

• Streamline and reduce production processes

Idea2Soft specializes in providing services to the medical world and is the leader in technological innovation in the world of medical devices - a world from which many of the latest and most advanced technologies come.

In addition to the medical field, Idea2soft has proven success in achieving technological challenges and developing systems for a variety of other fields:

Industry, automation, simulations, medical products and more ...

Our vast experience in development enables us to draw ideas and technologies from one field and combine them into innovative and unique solutions to other areas.

In the laboratories of Idea2soft we have a professional team of software experts, engineers, physicists and development managers equipped with advanced methodologies and technologies and many years of experience.