About Us

When Idea meet us

Idea2Soft since its founding a business in product development for companies, from office automation by developing software requirements, adapted to the firm, gadgets, electronic equipment, testing, web-based applications, applications-based handheld computers, cellular phone interface, Drawings Applications and Add-on, Visualizations, 3d simulations and models, Industry automation

The excitement begin

Idea2Soft work for advanced computing at (NET). The company specializes in the development of Microsoft WINDOWS, and - UNIX provides smart solutions to complex problems using databases, or use shared memory and thus sustained the ability to perform all system integration exists.

Planning with the observation on the future of the Vision of the product required, the model code developed slept great ease, allowing the development of future versions prepared at the core of the system expansion when necessary. Looking forward to the increase in the number of users of systems are designed to advance high-resistance interfaces to any number of users simultaneously and can create an environment with high availability. All the developed software's by the company are certainly always in front of technology.

The product comes to life

Company knowledge and experience in developing large complex information systems in accordance with the requirements of customers. Our team is full of affiliate company vision activities. The team members have much information and Internet programming in the world, strive to achieve perfection of action. The company considers itself the prime interest in the importance of the success of each client process.
We are proud we can accommodate the company's performance and skills in accordance with customer requirements.

Consultation and advising of development and Integration.